Green Connector

Statement about the intervention on the ‘Parool Triangle’

In earlier days the Wibaustraat was claimed to be the ugliest street of Amsterdam, with the Parool tower as the ugliest building of Amsterdam. Through this intervention I try to give that same Parool tower and the site a new status as 20th century triangle.

From the urban surroundings it’s clear that on the boulevard there are different concentrations of buildings which define the boulevard, like the HvA campus and the Amstel station area. The ‘Parool Triangle’ has now a sort of neglected vibe and not really defined as an urban space, therefore there is an opportunity to make a new attention point on the boulevard. But the buildings to make this new urban area are already there. The Parool tower, but also the Trouw building are good examples of nice concrete architecture of the 70-tis. What this site therefore needs is a new impulse a new attention dragging building.

By creating an remarkable visible incubator, there will be more attention dragged to the site and the site will become more alive. This movement will eventually result in a better connection between the ‘Parool Triangle’ and boulevard and will provide future developments as an interesting urban space to investigate in. The incubator should be something like a connection element, not only on building level but also on the level of neighborhood. It should provide a place in the city where people have the opportunity to escape from the urban feeling that normally marks their lives.

Creating a green connecting element; by doing so on building level in connects the library en the dwellings, and even on neighborhood level it provides that space, the new hotpot to relax and to read a book, meet but most of all relax.

31 october 2011,




1_50 library _ Layout

2 groundfloor _ Layout



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